Update all Apps iOS: If you are using an iPhone, then you should be updating your apps frequently because iPhone app developers release new updates regularly. It will be difficult for you to enter the app store and update each app separately manually. In this article, I am going to guide you how to update all apps automatically and let’s start to Update all Apps iOS!!

Automatically Update all Apps iOS:-

Step1: Click the settings icon

Update all Apps iOSStep2: Click iTunes & App store ButtonUpdate all Apps iOSStep3: In The Automatic Downloads option, Apps update is turned OFF, you should turn it ON.
Update all Apps iOSNote: Apps will be updated only when your iPhone is connected to WiFi, to update them even when you are connected to cellular data, turn ON use Mobile data.Update all Apps iOSStep4: You’re Done. Now your iPhone automatically updates all your apps.Update all Apps iOS

Note: The auto-update option doesn’t work if any apps size is larger than 100MB. Also, keep in mind that even unlimited data plans have a policy of reasonable restriction. If you switch on the Use Mobile Data option, you may see a spike in your mobile data usage and its associated charges, if any. If you leave it off, your apps will not be auto-updated until you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How To Update all apps iOS Manually:-

I am manually updating my iPhone since I bought it because I am concerned about the internet usage. Let me show you the screenshots of how I manually update all apps on my iPhone so that you can do the same in yours.

Step1: Open the App Store.

Update all Apps iOS

Update all Apps iOS

Step2: Select the optional updates in the App Store, my iPhone shows me two updates.Update all Apps iOS

Step3: Select update all to update all iOS apps.

Note: Or else you can update apps individually.Update all Apps iOS

Other Update All Apps:

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